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Author, International Speaker & TEDx Speaker Coach

Ilona Parunakova​

About Ilona Parunakova

Ilona Parunakova is an International Speaker with over two decades of experience in the arena of Leadership Development & Team Building.

Her high energy and ability to unlock the untapped potential in people have made her a highly sought-out Speaker for top organizations.

Her leadership skills and how to have a true champion’s mindset allow her to develop and build a winning team and champion over fear. Ilona takes great pride in cultivating leaders and champions by providing them with the tools necessary to succeed, raising the level of expectation in people’s lives, and helping them transform their limiting beliefs. Ilona is a 10X Best-Selling Author, and International TEDx Speaker.

Experiences that enlighten people and inspire them to push onwards despite life’s biggest challenges are stories that are always worth telling. By listening to these stories, people find the strength and the courage to rise up and fight another day. Born to a half Ukrainian mother and half Armenian father in the Republic of Georgia.




Professional speaker, who delivers keynotes, workshops, and training that motivate people to proceed toward their goals. I fire up and guide people to achieve what seems impossible


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I bring value within you by transforming your mindset, bringing clarity, and developing the consistency you need to accomplish your vision. I Make Your Dream Reality By Enabling You to Work for It with The Right Directions and Unleash Your Potential


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What our clients speak about us

Words from Our clients

Billy Nunez Wonderfully Inspiring and Authentic!

It is rare to be able to hear someone open their lives like a book and not only inspire but also challenge and inspire the listeners. I was privileged to experience such an encounter when I heard Ilona Parunakova speak at the Sticker Shock conference in San Antonio, TX. Some in the room here crying. Some were in deep thought. Others like me felt like we could scale new heights! I HIGHLY recommend you invite her to speak at whatever event where you need someone authentic, real, engaging, and convicting. I can't wait to hear her again!

Daniel Gomez Extraordinary Speaker!

ILONA spoke at our business conference in March and she was powerful and explosive! The way she took command of the stage and included the audience was amazing. If you need a speaker for your next conference or event, HIRE HER! You will be glad you did.

Michael D. Butler ILONA is a Dynamic Speaker - We Will Have Her Back

We brought ILONA in to speak in London last month and everyone loved her and wants her to come back. She is dynamic, powerful, compassionate and really pours her heart and soul into each audience. She is a versatile speaker with a broad knowledge base from her growing up globally and her fluency in speaking multiple languages. We also brought her in to speak at our Conference in San Antonio and will have her come back and speak again to our Authors and Leaders in Texas and also at some of our other upcoming trainings and keynotes.

Christie Love All I can say is… Wow!

I heard ILONA speak at a business conference in San Antonio, TX. All I can say is… Wow! She’s an absolutely powerful speaker with a story that had the entire audience hanging on to every word and sitting at the edge of their seats. Her story was unique, yet shocking and touched my heart to the core. She is both inspiring, captivating and motivating! I encourage you to book Ilona to speak at your next event. You will not be disappointed.

Will Ramsey ILONA Is Amazing

ILONA is a dynamic speaker and a world class motivator, she brings her story to life and holds an audiences attention from start to finish. ILONA has a way of connecting with people that will make your event a huge success. If you want a world class event Book ILONA.


    Create resilience that lets you achieve the milestones of life and become the champion of tomorrow with us. Let’s find out the way to regain confidence that accelerates your journey.

    WHY ME?

    I am not your mundane, typical girl. I see risk and go after it. The change that I bring in my life to become a “Bonified Dream Architect”, is the same change I thrive on in you. I deliver focus while searching for “How” when you need to know “Why.” You will get a goal-driven life and an ambitious personality with a bold vision.

    I am a driven, self-motivated, and determined powerhouse with God-given energy. Remember, a Champion isn’t the one who wins every time, but the one who always tries unique tactics to achieve the goals despite all odds.


    Positive Attitude

    To stick towards the positive vibes that lead you towards a meaningful life journey

    Create a Legacy

    To work for the future of your generation that recognizes you as an ultimate champion over your adversities.

    Celebrate You

    Celebrate small wins that empower you to achieve the bigger ones.

    Finding Yourself

    To be your unique, authentic voice that leads you to master your identity.

    Be Fearless

    Face your fears, bring that lion from within you to stand up for yourself


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